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Oh la LaGaylia Frazier event shoot

Lately I have had two bigger shoots and the last one was the kind that many photographers are living for. A big private event down in Malmö, Sweden. I had the honor of being the only photographer. Apart from having free access to (almost) all areas I also got to enjoy it all for free from the sideline - and get paid for it.

Samba and Carneval...

It started off with a carneval theme, Brazilian drummers and beautiful ladies dancing in colorful and sparkly outfits in the late summer evening sun. What a start of the day! So much energy and happiness.

Next step was to photograph the mingling of the 400+ guests, servants and dinner. I had five floors to get any sort of pictures from and I think I did alright doing so.

The height of the night was not fifth floor but the fact that I got to photograph the performance of the secret guest artist.

The very famous LaGaylia Frazier. Known for her fantastic voice, singing with Robert Wells among other things and lately also being one of four judges on Talang Sverige (Sweden's Got Talent) on TV.

LaGaylia Frazier @ Glasklart

I didn't get the chance to talk with her but she was sweet enough to say Hello to me and I got to congratulate her on a great show. She did super, though she wasn't fully satisfied herself. She said the audience was tough.

Anyhooo... Took time to go through the approximately 900 photos but it's all done. Now the buyer have to pick out their favorites for me to edit and deliver. So so fun!

But I should also share a few aha-moments as a photographer...

Dang, it wasn't easy to get the settings right. As the sun was setting, the indoor light changed so fast. There were big spotlights in some parts of the room/hall and less light in some corners. Either the shots got too dark or blurry. With flash, it got too bright before changing the settings around again.

I worked hard to get a few decent photos and yes, I did break out in sweat a few times but I enjoyed every minute. At 00:30 the hostess at Glasklart and I sat down at Max Hamburger restaurant and had out first meal in half a day. Boy, did that taste good and boy did I fall a sleep with a big smile on my face that night.


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