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The only way is up

So it's been a few days again. I've been fiddeling with my photos and what do you know? This morning I rank 295th on the total Photographers list on youpic. I made a new record yesterday with close to 26 000 views.

That's a good number. I never thought I would see anything of the sort in the vicinity of my name but now I'm realising that my photos work and people like them.

I receive the sweetest comments from my followers so Thank you, it really means a lot!

What I have noticed is that I'm getting copy cats on youpic and I must say it's flattering. I'm glad my style is catching on. It means I'm doing something well. Big ego or not, I'm very humble and grateful to what's given to me. I will do my best to invest in the positivity coming my way.

My friend and guitarist, Peter Espinoza of former Nasty Idols just sent me the latest version of our new single, Spreading the disease. When it's ready I'll head down to the south of Sweden and Malmö for a video shoot. Maybe I'll have an exciting year after all. I very much look forward to the near future. I hope to get my business going on a more regular schedule and I look forward to my trips, first to Poland and later this year, USA. I'll be sure to bring my camera.


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