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Wazzup! Been home from work for a week now. Got the worst cold/flu/sinus infection ever.

But not all is bad. I've been taking it easy and playing around with my photos.

Now ranking 443/1 000 000 + photographers and still ranking 2nd as vehicle photographer on

I suggest you checking it out if you like photography and wanting to improve your skill. It has helped A LOT to get the feedback from all these thousands and millions of viewers.

I average about 10 000 views per day. It gives you a pretty good indication on how well you execute your photos and images. I'm getting a hang of what's working and I see the "picture" now. (Pun slightly intended.) There's always room for more learning no matter how good you think you are.

Well, weekend mornings are usually pretty slow so I'll be editing a few car pics for later publishing. I'm also going to the movies tonight to see Wild with Reese Witherspoon.

I'm not going with Reese Witherspoon but... You get it. :-)

Gonna play around with my website a bit also. Now that I'm a sponsor of Borås Rhinos I'm expecting a massive increase of visitors (yeah right) but I like to update on a regular basis. It shows that you are dedicated and active. Let that be the tip of the day.


(This picture also gives it away that I play angry birds...)

Skärmklipp 2015-01-16 16.07.31.png

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