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What a nice surprise

I received a message saying "" I had no idea what the person meant, so I asked him. Turns out I have a page there which I had completely forgot about. No profile or photos in the album

but months ago I must have submitted a photo to a photo contest. "Masters 2018".

At first thought someone had stolen my identity but after a few attempts of logging in - I had received an honorable 5th place in their anual, stage one, nature contest. The jury's 5th highest vote. Not too shabby! So from what I gather of the limited information I'm in the running of Masters 2018 award with a nice cash prize. Not holding my breath, though. In this case I have learned it's better to forget you have done something, then discover by accident that you did well. It's a nice surprise!

Tadaaa Femte plats 2018 etapp ett

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