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World wide appreciation

It all revealed itself a few nights ago. I received a message from Viewbug. Out of 52 000+ submissions in the Image of the month contest, I was voted top 50 photos and then was chosen as finalist by a jury.

That is amazing! I am stunned and overwhelmed. Now I have high hopes for the National Geographic contest ending in a few days. I hope to be top 19 at least to get acknowledged. Gotta set goals!

The other day I received another message, that I will be guest writing a short story in the local Newspaper this summer. I was chosen a few years back as well. (I don't know if there was anything last year...)

I'm starting to realise my capabilities as a writer. I have an idea what works and how to express myself

to captivate the reader and give them a good story. I hope to develope more and more as I enjoy it so well.

The season has started. I have an interview and photoshoot coming up as soon as the weather is better. Hopefully by next week.

A 1956 Chevrolet with completely modern drive train. Will be cool to see how it handles. Been practicing speed shots with a new technique by the highway. I hope it will pan out - pun intended!

Gonna update my car photos school page with my discoveries so check it out.


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