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I took the plunge

I am now on Facebook! It took a while but my other half persuaded me and I did have it in mind, just never got round to it.

But that's not all. The same day I launched my facebook page, the news paper contacted me and wanted to write a story about my company. I guess there aren't too many female car photographers/reporters so of course I accepted to tell my story.

Last night the online edition came out and today the paper version is out for everyone to read.

Anyways, if you like my car photos and like to see more, new and old photos of mostly classic cars,

feel free to join my facebook page:

Closing in on 2.3 million views and it's only a few weeks left to complete my first year on

Must say it's been rather successful. I have had business requests, questions about exhibiting my photos but nothing serious just yet. I'm working on it.

I always say, in time it will come, I just have to work on getting there. Nothing comes for free. Quick translation: "Cars are life and work"

Happy holidays,


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