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I've come to a summer standstill

How the time flies. Summer is in full bloom (if you're not in Sweden which is unbelievably cold and rainy). After a busy spring and start of summer, things have reached a standstill. I'm feeling a bit frustrated with my business, even though things are ok - I guess I'm just a restless soul. I have three interviews planned but no dates yet. Also, only a month left until vacation in the states. I can't wait. I really need the break. The Trans Am motor is under surgery and will soon be done, just in time for the road trip. *exciting* Gotta ride in style, ya know.

I bought myself a Nikon Nikkor 10-24 that I haven't had time to check out too much. But I am very excited about the few photos I've taken and I already know I will be using it a lot for lanscape and distored close-ups.

So I have a few lenses up for sale now.

* Nikon 18-70

* NIkon 105 Micro Ai-S

* Tamron 70-300 (half macro)

All in very good shape, of course.

I have another story coming up in Power Magazine, next issue but I really wish I could find more magazines to write for. Ok, this blog is turning out to be a ventilation of my frustration. I should leave it at this. Hey, it's life. Can't be on top all the time, I guess - but I'm trying.

Espinoza Project is moving along. Wrote the lyrics of an amazing ballad that I can't wait to record the vocals on. Just waiting on my new microphone, an AKG C414XLS. Should be here in a week or so.

So things are happening, it's just me being in a state. I guess I just need the break after a busy summer.

Take care and tadaaa...

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