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Setting up a blog

So here I am, setting my first personal blog up. It's a bit of a mess around me as I am trying to eat before going to work. Cold meatballs from a package is today's lunch. *yum*


So what's the plan with this "on line diary" as a blog really is?

Every now and then people find me smart. There are days when I think I'm the smartest person on earth. Of course it's not true but if it helps me get through the day, why not?

So not on a regular basis, I will share thoughts, pictures, tips and the evolvement of my company - LaRegina Creation - as I am a beginner semi-professional photographer/reporter.

Not all pictures posted here will be professional because I am also just me with a pocket camera showing the world as it is without fancy setups and blurry backgrounds.

Now, as my company is slowly growing I'm working on upgrading the lenses and equipment.

The camera body I use for work, Nikon D7100, is plenty good for a long time ahead but I wouldn't say no to a D810 if someone wants to send me one. It's the latest crazy house. They even use it to film Hollywood movies nowadays. That's how good it is.

Well, time is running out. Off to work. Let's see how this pans out in the future...

Talking about pans... I do gold panning too. :-) Less successfully, though.

Tjillevippen! Tadaaa!

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