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Upgrading portable equipment

Uppdaterat: 22 jan. 2020

I have set new and higher goals in 2020 which means I also have to invest in upgrades of my equipment. To improve the light in my outdoor portraits I spent a few days searching for the right, portable gear to get. (As I do 95% of all photographing outdoors.) After reading many reviews I landed on Manfrotto and their Lastolite brand. I must confess that Manfrotto hasn't been my first choice prior to but I am changing my mind more and more.

So what did I get and why!

What I first and foremost have been looking for is a diffuser and light shaper. I soon

Camera flash setup
Manfrotto setup Nanopole, Lastolite hotshoe, Lastolite Ezybox and Speedlight SB-700

learned about the Lastolite Ezybox and studied many youtube videos as they come in many shapes and sizes. This one, the McNally edition, is perfect travel size and performs the way I want to. I mean, it can't be compared to huge umbrellas and diffusers but for what I do it's a perfect starter kit. So I bought the McNally from Goecker. You attach it quickly on top of your flash with a band and screew and can be use on as well as off the camera. It's very light. To complement I bought a raster (light shaper/"focus-er") that goes on top of the McNally. It's perfect when you want to focus the flash light on, let's say, someone's face and not spread the light around the whole image. In general the Lastolite Ezybox Speed Light 2 McNally performs a softer and more even distributed light. In contrary of a bare flash which causes hard shades/shadows especially on close ups.

The Ezybox raster I got from Cyberphoto. Where is also were I bought my new flash/light stand. Also Manfrotto. The Nanopole MS0490A which has a removable centerpiece pole if you need to hold the flash from higher up than the 2 meters it reaches. (With the help of an assistant.) It's fairly sturdy. It's lightweight, foldable (0.5 meter folded) and easy to pack/bring along. One of the three legs is extendable for more stability outdoors. I probably wouldn't recommend using it in full storm but for general photography it seems rather adequate and I'm pleased with my purchase. But it doesn't come with a hot shoe attachment. I chose to get the Lastolite tilthead with an umbrella attachment. Cost a little more but it's in metal and not plastic. I rather pay extra for quality that will hold up years of usage. It will be used a lot. I haven't had much time to try it all out yet, but the little I have given it a go I am satisfied.

All the best for now, tadaaa Note for the hawkeyed: I put the diffuser on backwards but not on purpose. I thought it looked funny but couldn't put my finger on why at first. Oh well. It is just to show the idea. /Linda - with a smirk on her face

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