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Recommendation: MOAB by Legion metallic photo paper

I ordered the MOAB Slickrock Metallic silver 300 A4 sheets (25pc) from Infinity to try.

I can't tell you how excited I am about the results.

Unfortunately no photos I have taken has come out nearly as amazing as the actual print. It's because the metallic has to be seen in person, just like the metallic paint of a car. Just imagine the sun hitting the paintjob of a metallic car. It sparkles and shines like nothing else. It's the very same with this photo paper. It may look a tad dark at first but when the daylight hits it, oh boy, you will drop your jaw. The colors and shine are stunning. When I had framed my first print my heart skipped a beat. It was just love at first sight. Love, love, love it!

I have used it for my car photos as I think it does the subject a natural justice but I am quite convinced nature photos as well as artistic portraits will look stunning on this paper. The colors will stand out with grace.

I will exhibit four photos with metallic paper during my exhibiton in the end of March in Hultafors, Sweden.

Thanks for reading, tadaaa

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