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Tips 4 your 1st photo exhibition

Uppdaterat: 16 mars 2020

From winning first prize in the Swedish Photography Championship to my first photo exhibition, I have had lots to learn and plenty of things to prepare and do.

I have today contacted the organizer to visit and check the walls out one last time and I will go there the 20th to do so. Note to self: Bring a ruler and camera!

Until then I have a few moments to share my idea with my photo show.

First of all, my main idea is not to sell my paintings even though they are for sale. It is to promote myself as a photographer. I have made a big a$$ roll-up, updated my webiste as far as I can and *created special offers during the days of exhibition. The photos I'm showing are thoroughly picked out. I chose some of my most liked and most awarded photographs. They are all titled and printed with the title with black or white passepartout, in a way to make them more collectible. I also printed these photos in various sizes on purpose. Collect them all or just pick a favorite or two. More photos will be added in time on my website. It will be updated with a webshop in the near future (six months or so). I have talked to artist friends for advice and they said, "don't make the prints too large as people have a hard time placing them in their homes." = they won't buy them. The "black collection" is 30x40cm w/ white frame The "white collection" 40x50cm w/ black frame The "metallic cars collection" A4 aka 21x30cm w/ clear glass The "metallic cars collection" A4 in 30x40cm solid frame

Just a few classic car photos for my first exhibition
Car photos in the kitchen

I will offer: * a dirt cheap portrait shoot on sight, one photo - high quality jpg

sent to the buyer's e-mail * a discount on my small wedding package (Valid til the end of March)

* a discount on private DSLR classes To top it off there's free candy in a bowl. *big smile* Nah, the top off is one lucky visitor will win one of my selective color car photos with passepartout. It looks right sharp so congrats in advance. *big grin* And my Swedish Championship winner will be displayed for all to see and buy/order. But until the last weekend of March, my bottom floor is full of prints, frames, camera gear, ready pictures, to do-lists, unused printing paper and used up printer ink. As I'm a fan of order I can't say I enjoy this mess but it will soon be over and hopefully all the prints have new owners so I don't have to take them back home.

My photo corner. Not as bad as two days ago but still messy
My little photo office

It's getting late here. I'm playing Devin Townsend in the background. Such wicked music, gotta love the guy. Just a little off topic to finish this blog off. Stay well and...


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