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Didn't want to have to write this but...

After a while it gets annoying. Men, unfortunately, have a tendency of thinking that the photo pages I'm on are also dating pages. It goes in waves but lately I have received quite a few messages from men who want to be "friends". Some posts I don't even repspond to like

"Hi, Hello, Hello dear, Hello gorgeous..."

as I know where this is leading. A few years of experience now.

Then there's the kind that write me saying they know it's not a dating website but...

and then ask me personal questions. I tell them to read my profile page as the relevant information is there and that's all they need to know. This one guy called me rude and said he'll never visit my page again. I had to cry a little... not.

I always reply with a kind tone saying: I have over 40 000 followers and receive many messages per week with friend requests. I have to decline but if you have any photo questions I'd be happy to try and answer them for you here.

Many never write me back. Some have genuine questions and then there's the bad batch. "That's nice. How old are you, where are you from, what do you do for a living. Can I have your facebook address?" Nopey, dopey, no can do.

I have had men tell me how to photograph. Thanks for the help! It's a surprise I even managed to log on to the internet without your help. *dumb blonde* Not constructive critisism but litterally telling me how to photograph and even what to post. Seriously!

I have had men stalk me on line, looking me up on different pages and facebook demanding my "friendship". Seriously 2.0!

I have had men tell me they love me after just a couple of messages about nothing. *sigh*

Multi exposure trashcan @ Magasinsgatan 8,. Borås
Trashcan @ Magasinsgatan 8

And I have had men trying to phish me with heroic images of doctors in battlefields, claiming it's them in the pictures. Nothing about photos or photography but stories how they have traveled the world and done miracles with their bare hands. Bless me with their presence. Let's get married right now!!! How can I pass up this great opportunity to befriend this earthly angel... But wait...

Last time this happened I wrote him back asking if he's the actual photographer of these pictures he posted. (Pictures of this herioc doctor with war torn kids in Syria etc,) " it's not allowed to post photos to contests that aren't photographed by you. I don't want you to get into trouble", I replied with great concern.

(I can get rather sarcastic at times and I like it!)

And I never heard back from my new little hero friend. Did he actually get the message?

The thing is, I have made some good on line friends all over the globe, mostly males from my photo pages. I do enjoy talking with people of all sexes - yep, even transgender,

about photography. Sharing techniques, experiences and ideas and photos. But not pushy, annoying, can't take no for an answer-mommas 54 y/o boys. (Or 20 year old Pakistanian men with control issues. Stalking isn't caring, dude!) I also receive messages from women. It's more rare but it happens. None of them have hit on me. None of them have called me dear or gorgeous. They have complimented me on my photos, asked me questions of photographic nature, invited me into facebook groups for female photographers etc. but none of them have tried to force me to be friends or said they are in love with me after a few written lines. None of them have stalked me or sent me 20 messages per hour. Out of the 40 000+ followers I have there should theoretically be at least a few hundred lesbians/bisexuals but nope, I have been treated with full respect from all female followers. Straight and gay. What's wrong with them? Or maybe it's the way it should be. You tell me.

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