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Swedish Fine Art Champion 2019

What a weekend I have had in Stockholm! The finals in Fotografi-SM took place the 18th and 19th of October. My partner and I drove to Stockholm on the Friday and watched the live jurying on her phone. I really didn't want to hear what they had to say about my photo but I did but not the points. Gosh, I was so nervous. I really didn't think I would stand a chance against all the fabulous photos and highly ranked photographers. How ever, the international jury's reviews of my photo turned out the be quite warm. I was pleased to hear it, quite surprised but happy and honored. Still, I didn't know what to expect as it was my first time doing a contest of this rank.

Fine art 2019 Photo Carina Jonsson

Well, fast forward in time... Got a few minutes with the Finish Fine art judge, Tiina Haring and she said she just loved my photo and had "argued" with another judge about buying it from me. What an honor!!! So I guess my hopes were lit for a good placement in the finals. Maybe not first prize but somewhere in the top. The moment of the reveal. I had along five friends to support me and we were all chewing our nails. All photos from Fine Art were shown on a picture slide along with the total score. And then they presented the third prize winner... not me. The second prize winner... not me either.

I think my heart is beating out of my chest at this moment.

And all of a sudden a huge picture of my photo is blasted on the wall and my name was called up on stage.

HOLY COW! I have just won the Swedish Championship Fine Art category 2019!

I am blown away. So grateful and honored! What an evening!

I am also so happy to have met so many fantastic photographers and seen so many wonderful pictures to get inspired from. I will carry this with me forever. But now, time to get busy!

Radio P4 is about to come and do an interview with me. Tadaaa

Winner winner chicken dinner... Photo Carina Jonsson

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