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Swap to the top Gurushots Pt3

So this is how it ended.

Three days of being number one. I used ca 50 swaps over a period of four days and I came in number 6 at the end. Was ranked number one until 2 am, six hours before the contest ended. I had to go to bed. Of course the "Gurus" passed me while I was asleep.

Gurushots offers a Guru status to certain participants after receiving a certain amount of "Guru picks" and contest wins. For some reason the gurus help each other and no different this time.

At least five of the top ten were all gurus. Some had three guru picks. Dodgy stuff this...

Beware of Gurushots cuz I can't even find a good reason to join or participate in this mafia style "business" called photo challenges. They don't even offer proper prizes anymore. But they do offer a possible exhibition spot world wide - if you pay. And you have to pay for swaps, auto fills and boost keys

unless you want to spend months like I did collecting them to prove a point. Don't waste your time. Check out or Proper contests with genuine awards. I have won both so I know.

I'm off Gurushots now. My point proven.


Ranked #1 until a few hours left using swaps

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