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Swap to the top - Gurushot - pt2

Check this out: I have been joining challenges for months now to save up swaps just to prove my point about Gurushots. My plan is in the works as we speak.

It's an 8 day "The cars" challenge. I've got plenty of car photos so let's get to it. I uploaded four photos (as you should) right away. They got a decent amount of votes and I ranked somewhere about top 250 and for some reason the boost-button was activated right away.

I noticed almost all used it immediately - but not me. I let it slide because you can unlock it later with the free keys that I got from previous contests.

So here we go. Time to swap to the top. I had ca 52 swaps (and am receiving more as the days pass and more challenges end. All you need is to enter one photo even if it isn't very good for the theme. When the challenge ends, every two challenges give you free keys and swaps).

Always swap the least voted photo. Always! Just for the heck of it and because I have so many swaps now, I have tried many different photos out. And almost all reached the voting numbers I was after but I kept the few that surpassed my expectations. And that's how I'm - at the moment - in the top with just regular votes and still beating tons of photos that used the photo boost.

If you look at the screen dump, you can see my photos already outnumber all the others because I have made sure all four have high votes, not just the first. When I hit the boost button on my light blue Packard (303) in a few days, I will beat all others out of the park. I have an exremely high chance of winning this competition. Just by smart swapping.

Too bad the prize is crap (gurshot bundle of swaps. Hooray Same BS as but at least I get the bragging rights. But I am not alone with this knowledge and "technique". There might be a few members joining with only a few days left. It works too if you have many swaps. But I know I will be in the top!

I will let you know how it goes.

Good luck Gurushotting in the future. Now you know how to beat their system!


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