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Preparing my first photo classes

Tomorrow it's happening! My very first photo classes start tomorrow, one morning class and one evening class. I was hoping for partly cloudy but right now it looks cloudy all day.

It will give me the opportunity to show that clouds aren't always bad for nature and landscape photography.

(As long as it's not raining. I don't want their cameras to get wet.)

My first group consists of four ladies. I'm so excited. I have planned this day in my head for such a long time and now as the clock is ticking down, I'm writing my program down. It's my way of practical memorization. Some are theoretical learners but I am a practical learner. The main key is planning ahead, though!

In my evening group they are all men. Very interesting but all participants are very eager to learn so I'm stoked.

Just one of those moments that makes your heart warm and not as much the best photo.

I look forward to tomorrow for sure.

Though today has presented me with a few photo moments as well. Started out with a cute squirrel in my yard this morning. Next a bat went crazy and flew around my head for several minutes. Short after that a snake slithered down to the water and last but not least I watched a small finch collect cat hair that I had thrown out for the purpose of them to nest with. Job done!

The clouds are rolling in. It's been partly cloudy most the day and not as warm as they said. I was kind of hoping for that thunder storm they said could pop up in the afternoon. It's evening now.

Should go for a walk before it gets too dark. Maybe practice a few camera settings for tomorrows evening class but each day has it's own light so you never know.

Practice makes perfect so it doesn't hurt to try.


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