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Food for thoughts (or followers)

I am by no means rich or famous. I have in total approximately 35 000 followers from different sites. For the most part it's a pleasant experience. People are nice and complimenting. I am honored and grateful for their support.

However, once in a while I get some crazies after me. A few years ago I had a follower driving me nuts by stalking me online for weeks, maybe months even.

I had to be his friend and he looked me up on all places requesting my friendship. Getting angry with me, begging me, pleading and reassuring that the age difference wasn't an issue. Every hour!

Age wasn't my issue. It was the clingy wannabe boyfriend-situation I didn't want to deal with.

I reported him and eventually he disappeared. I am very particular with being friendly and helpful if someone contacts me and ask questions. I just don't have time with people who ask me where I live, when it's all in my profile and they didn't even bother looking first. It shows they don't have photography in mind.

These past few weeks I have had a couple of weird requests again.

One person wrote me and asked if I had any projects.

- I'm not sure what you mean, I responded. He wrote back and said - For me!

Eh? Why would I have any projects for a total stranger I have never met or ever spoken with before?

I barely have work for myself at times. It takes a lot of work to get work! Not to mention that the person lives on a completely different continent. He was a young guy so I do admire his ambition but in this case he started in the wrong end.

Only days later I received another message from a girl. She complimented me on my photographs.

I said Thank you!

Next I receive another message saying "Please, help me". With what, I replied?

"My family is poor, buy me a professional camera".

Sometimes I'm stunned. I also receive a few messages a month starting with Hi or Hello...

I usually don't respond to those. From experience those are from dudes that don't realize a photo page is not a dating website. I learned it the hard way so no more replies to "Hello-messages".

Last second edit: How ironic. Didn't even finish posting this before I received another message...

"Give me your facebook". Sorry, no can do.

Rounding off with a Soft Robin photo I was working on yesterday to soothe our minds.


Soft Robin

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