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Oh no! What have I done?

I had a photo featured on national television a couple of days ago. Quite the honor that they picked mine. Especially after I had sent it in only hours prior to broadcasting. My first and only time.

It all came about after a challenge from some people at a forum of my home town.

I usually don't send my photos to these kind of things as the fine prints usually say something of the sort: "Sending in your photos means you sign off the right to any financial compensation, give us the right to use and publish, alter, print etc. as we please."

And so does SVT - Swedish Television. But they are not the worst I've seen.

As I got published they now can publish, use and print my photo as needed without my further permission. I still have a chance to win the "Photo of the week" so keep your fingers crossed so that I get

something for the trouble of sending in, giving them a free photo to use on their daily show.

But SVT isn't the worst...

The worst I've seen, so far, was from earlier this summer. TV3 asked for photos for their anniversary (of something). If you win and get published, they take all the rights minus your name as creator and you could actually get taxed for "winning" = being published without getting a dime and they can print, sell and use your photo for advertisement as much as they want world wide forever. Free for them, the biggest loss for you, the photographer! And no, it's not an honor for you, it's lawful stealing and using of someone elses property/work. And that's how they all work in one way or another.

In my case I was aware of this. I read the rules before sending my photo in. I just never thought it would get published. I was wrong so I can deal this one time and I can see the honor as they picked my first ever photo out of the piles of weather pictures sent in daily but...



My rainbow photo on Swedish Television

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