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Honorable mention @ (or how to beat their voting system)

Here I am, placing third @, the same page I have talked down. And unfortunately I will continue. I'm happy so many people liked my car photos to make me number three after 18 days of agony and voting. (Or the other way round.)

Here's the trick. Swaps! Unfortunately I didn't have that many swaps to use so I had to use mine wisely. However some have discovered the trick to use two, three swaps - A DAY! and that's how you make the top on Gurushots. I'm sorry to say. I didn't mind losing to the number one photographer as his photos were terrific and quite worthy of the $350 giftcard award. Can't say the same about some of the other top contestants. (The blurred images may or may not have anything to do with this.)

To win at GS you need lots of swaps and decent photos. That's correct. Decent photos, not good or great because the trick is to swap them back and forth, maybe 8-10 photos. If you start day one, you'll soon get the hang of it and woopsy doodle, you're in the top. I contacted the customer service and told them about it. I hope they take it seriously as I was beaten by someone who was hundreds of points behind me and I got beat by about 200 points at the same time as I was received a few hundred points. On average you get 250-300 votes per day, if you have good shots and stay active by voting or using Autofill.

So did I "cheat" by swapping? As a matter of fact, I didn't realize this until I was told after the challenge was over but I had noticed me gaining points the few times I did swap (I think seven times in 18 days). So for the most part I hope and think it was my photography that got me to the top. That's what I'd like to think anyways.

Now you know.


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