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Either I'm good, or not very serious

Seems like I'm in a bad mood but I'm not really. Just in a factual mood, telling it as it is.

Three nights ago I joined this (yet another) photo contest page called Not sure how I heard of it but I think it was through some facebook photo page.

So I joined, uploaded six or seven photos, mostly cars and one flower photo. The next morning I woke up and was number one on the leaderboard - of all photographers. Not just in the flower contest - the whole darn thing.

My car photos are doing almost as good. They're in the top of the contest. All of them are like top 20 or something, the best being 8th in the total. It changes all the time as it's live voting but it doesn't move around too much.

So if you want to boost your ego, join They have over 100 000 users but it nowhere near Viewbug or Gurushots so you actually have a chance. Just choose your uploads wisely.

That's what I told a follower when he wrote me on Viewbug earlier this week. He asked how I could only have 90 photos and he had over 1 000 photos uploaded.

I said I figured I would have a better chance if I only upload my very very best shots. It teaches me to be picky and conscientious about composition, light, purpose and everything important in a good photo.

Did the same thing with pixoto and I guess that's the trick. I feel it's not the place for me to grow but I'll stick around for a few weeks to see what it's all about. For beginners, I think it's rather good.

I want to sell more photos, from one thing to another. So that's what I'm looking into now. I'll report back when I have figured something out. It won't be for any stock photo pages. They rip you off so bad, paying you absolutely rubbish and take half for doing nothing but hosting a page so beware. Been there, done that - learned my lesson.


#1 in less than 24 hours.

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