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Had plans to tell you about HDR

But then I saw this.

Diagonal Shapes Finalist

It has been a hectic spring. I haven't done much photographing at all to be honest. But I have been editing photos and I guess it was rewarding to some point. I have made it to the finals with a photo I took in Luxembourg, 2016 - and Minnesota later the same year. What I did was replace the daylight sky with a long exposure night sky from rural Minnesota.

The moon centers the building and the clouds are smeared. I guess it worked out. Now I have to keep my fingers crossed it's made it all the way (though I highly doubt it after looking at the 20 000 other entrances. They are absolutely fantastic.)

As I finally have two weeks off I might have time to update the blog one more time. My thought was to talk

more about HDR and cars so I think that will be next.

For now I'm busy rebuilding a 1958 Husqvarna Roulette moped. It's lots of fun and doesn't take as long as the Firebird I took on myself in 2004. Six years that it.


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