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Are you on Gurushots?

After another Viewbug final spot with a Ford Mustang in motion I want to talk about Gurushots, which I'm also on. work in a whole different way as a Photo contest site.

What they do is, to keep you voting and stay on top, make your photos fall behind if you are not constantly active on their website. BUT:

They have a "freebe" called Autofill. They give you a certain amount of Autofills when you first join and then you get one extra per two contests finished. What it means is that you can click autofill and all your

contests will be active for a few hours and this way get exposure in the voting system even if you're busy doing other things (like work, maybe?).

However, though I'm doing fairly well, I have noticed that the so called "Gurus" just about always

rank in the top three in any contest. How is that right?

I'm a bit "iffy" and no more taking their site seriously. I only test my photos there now.

You post up to four photos per contest and that way I see which photos do better in certain categories.

Espinoza Project

Good to know for future referenses, right?!

If you can't win it, use it. Just a tip for ya!

Well, I'm not all about photos as I also do music and magazines stories etc too.

The Espinoza Project is something I've been a part of for a few years now. Doing melodic metal with some high level Swedish musicians. Company of Heroes is a song I wrote the lyrics to and sang the vocals on (in my red Angry birds PJs) and it has received great reviews. A music video producer has taken a shining to it and wants to make a video of the song. Mr Espinoza himself wants me to be in it though I'm "just a guest singer" in the project.

I look forward to it.

Hope you had a great Easter!


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