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Composition technique

I think I'm getting a hang of this subject. For the second time I made it to the finals in a composition technique contest, this time with Rule of thirds. I shall explain more about it later.

It's also the second time my photo of a rusty Oldsmobile makes the finals so I'm excited about that as well.

Rule of thirds

It's actually a good measurement to follow. Basically, what it means is when you compose your photo,

divide the frame into thirds and place the target object within one OR two of these thirds. May it be a standing photo or horizontal, it still applies.

Use this photo as an example. Imagine it being divided into nine equal squares and we need to fill

2/3 with something OR 1/3 with something. This time the car is in the middle row to the right in one third. But let's say the car is in the right corner, then we'd have 2/3rds of the sky, or I could have placed the whole car in the center with 1/3 space of sky above and 1/3 space with ground below. We'd have the car in one third but also 1/3 empty in front of... and 1/3 empty behind to balance the photograph.

So a photo can have "many" thirds but as long as you use the Rule of Thirds, your composition will turn out alright. Doesn't mean the photo will be perfect as the next step is to cotrol the light etc. But that will have to be a different blog. Gotta get going here.


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