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How to take a winning bird photo

So I received another message about a top 100 spot in the Image of the month-contest on Viewbug. My third in less than a year. Can only keep my fingers crossed I will make it all the way but as always I have stiff competition from other amazing photographers. I still cherish the fact that my photos get selected from the 60 000 plus photos entered in the contest. It is still an amazing achievement, considering I've only been photographing for three years, come April this year.

I want to say that, hard work, dedication and lots and lots of practice and some photoshopping will do the trick.

And don't think real photographers don't use Lightroom or Photoshop. That's how the RAW-files get developed. It's just a matter of how much or little you have to post edit your photos after a shoot.

A good photographer composes the shot prior to, with lights, angles etc. The rest is luck and good timing like in animal photography. They are quite unpredictable so patience and luck are the keys here.

Like my Finalist shot. I didn't have to do too much post editing. Just cropped the photo some to

place the bird more in the corner, instead of center as I had shot it.

Then darkened the upper corners, sharpened the bird and lightened the light spot behind the bird

to make it stand out even more. That's about it. It's basic developement like they did in the darkroom in the "olden days" but today it's performed on the computer in a program. Same difference, just different


Gotta go to bed now. Tadaaa

Image of the month Finalist Feb 2017 Viewbug

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