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Moving on - learning new ropes

I had to make a decision. When things are too slow or too much the same, I have to do something about it. I love photographing cars and love writing for magazine. As freelance, though, I can't make a living off of waiting for a yes or no answer from the editors, which can take months (from experience). Or one wedding here, one portrait there.

I want to develope and learn new things and that's what I am doing now.

My website, therefore, has become Swedish for the most part - at least for the moment. I'm gonna broaden my horizon by taking on new missions in photography and layout/editing.

I work more with light, still as much existing light as possible, but learning the ropes with angles and light. It's a whole science but I enjoy trying it out when I have time to concentrate. (Which isn't too often as my brain is running wild 24/7.) One itesm stillife is a good way to learn about light and angles. And I use a lot of flashlights to make it happen. Take what you can get. No need for expensive equipment. If you need to filter the light, use whatever is at home. It's good as anything. Really!


Still going strong with the photo contests. I think it's an excellent way to excel by measuring myself with other photographers of my caliber or better. It drives me to think of new ways, new angles, learn more about editing because, let's face it, post editing is the only way to go about it unless you have a fortune to spend on assistants, backdrops and props/supplies/models. I don't.

Next step is timing. Expecially nature photography. Timing and luck go hand in hand.

So I have given a new try. Not too fond of their concept of basically forcing their users to stay on their website to vote 24/7 or your photos fall behind those who do just that. Not the best way to get the top photos in the top. There are nice photos there, though. is more serious and once in a while I get a new achievement. Got a Grand Win a few weeks ago in a Winter wonderland-challenge.

Also doing a more serious year long photo contest with several stages called Grand Prix.

National Geographics Scandinavia keeps my camera busy. They have different genres each month and I like that, even though street photography makes me uncomfortable. I know I'm not alone in that feeling but it's another challenge to overcome. Stay busy!


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