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Slow paced...

It's been a while since I wrote. Lots been going on in my personal life and not all so good BUT I have bought myself an upgrade to the Nikon D7100 that I have been photographing with. It's

the Nikon D750 which I'm super pleased with. The best part it works almost identically with the D7100 so it's just point and shoot after opening up the box. I certainly recommend that camera house.

I also invested in the nikkor 200-500 mm f5.6 tele zoom and though I haven't had too much time to play around with it, I tested it out a few times on my bird feeder with the little birds as targets. It takes nice photos for sure. It is awesome for the money. Next level is two, three times more expensive. I recommend the 200-500 as well!

As you know, I like to indulge myself in photo contests every now and then. I haven't made too much

effort the last month but yesterday I got one of my photos featured on Viewbug, giving me a little extra exposure. It's much appreciated.

I seem to be one of those photographers that people enjoy but not love. Got to work to improve my status. That's one thing you got to do if you really want something: Work for it! W O R K !

I know it's hard but it has gotten me where I am today and I plan on going further.

Rounding off with the "featured photo"


Pontiac Firebird Trans Am - Featured on Viewbug

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