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Third is a charm... NatGeo

Well, I didn't win this time either but it's the third time in only a few months that I have made the finals in NatGeo Sweden's Photo contest. It's pretty overwhelming. Got my butterfly photo out in the magazine now. It's really exciting. Wish it would bring me more business but small rivers make a big lake (at least that's what we say here in Sweden.)

Got a cool photo gig coming up in a couple of weeks. Gonna shoot five trucks for a hauling company.

I really look forward to it. I got new camera gear coming soon too. I'm upgrading and hopefully the investment will pay off in many different ways.

Time flies, fall is here, car season is coming to an end. Waiting for response on two cars for Power Magazine. Sometimes I hear back right away, sometimes it takes a month. That's the tough part being freelance. Gotta have lots of patience in so many ways.

Here's a Thank you to my grandma who made my photo finalist again. :-)

Grandma cleaning mushrooms


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