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National Geographic Finalist

I know I have big dreams and hopes but reality is reality. I'm not the only one with a camera and I am well aware of it. I just try to go my own way to find new angles of things to stand out and be different with simple motifs. The nicest comment I have received so far regarding this image - as it is photographed thousands of times a day, is the one from an Oregon local that has seen millions of Crater Lake photos. He said he had never seen a better photo of the Phantom Ship (which is the real name of this natural formation). Yes, I am top 19 in the NatGeo Sweden reader's photo contest with my Crater Lake photo. HOORAY!

I have been photographing a few car shows already as well as I have finished one magazine story for publication. A 1956 Bel Air Pro Touring - A wolf in sheep's clothing. Probably a Swedish saying. It's a "rat" on the outside and a hundred thousand + sek inside with several Corvettes as donors.

It's one heck of a ride for sure.

Oh well, getting hungry!


Crater Lake finalist in National Geographics Sweden

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