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Here we go again

After a rough start this week with my grandfather's passing, Friday evening I received a notice that I had won yet another People's Choice. This time in the category of How ants see it.

It means so much to me. I can't stress how humbled I am by all the kind comments and now these People's Choice Awards. I see myself as a newbie in the photographic world. I'm learning new things every day, especially outside the vehicular field. Also how important post processing is to an image.

In a way I think it's cheating, really. Really it is! But it also helps creating a feeling or atmosphere that can inspire others. I try to compose my photos in a way that as little post processing as possible is needed.

Most the time I only tap the contrast button and that's it. But of course sensor dust should be removed without it being called cheating. It doesn't belong in the original composition anyways.

A few final words regarding my lastest winning photo... It was taken with my Nikon Coolpix S9100 a few years ago. It was a beautiful fall day, the last of the year actually. I looked up this single birch tree and the shot lined up itself pretty much. To me it looks like a broken umbrella so that's what it's called.

Enjoy and tadaaa...

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