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Photography 2016

The year started out with a bang. Not to be a smart ass about fireworks and stuff but as far as an ego boost. I joined exactly four weeks ago today. It's a photo contest website where you learn and grow as a photographer through peer challenges and genuine photo contests.

So far I haven't won anything but being a beginner by all means I would say I'm doing well. I already have 1100+ followers and thousands of peer awards as well as top 10 rankings in photo challenges. But most of all... I'm in the running for Photo of the month and just received an award notice saying I'm class top 20. It means every 5 person seeing my photo is voting on it.

It's huge to me as over 46 000 photos are in the running. It's pretty awesome!

Check my gallery out. It's a mix of all sorts of photos as I don't want to be stuck in one genre as I am on

In four weeks, these are the official Trifecta awards I have received for the photos shown.

Have a nice weekend. I have two days off and I will spend them outdoors with my camera.


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