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What the future holds...

Rounding off 2015 with lots of great memories in the name of photography. Starting off with Youpic. From nowhere to ranking #22 out of over one million

users with over 2.4 million views and over 11 000 followers of my portfolio. It's pretty amazing.

So now I joined and in a week I had over 300 followers. People like my photos but how do I move forward with this? They like them but don't want to buy any. I need more time so I guess I'll take time. When it happens it will happen.

I'd like for me to have an exhibition next year. That would be a goal. Gotta set goals in life to get places before you die.

My other half and I are taking it easy this evening. Gonna eat and watch a movie. Around midnight we're going for a drive to the town viewpoint (I pointed it out as one) to photograph the town silhouette in fireworks. I look forward to it.

See you all next year!


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