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2 million views

The magic 2 milles came over night. I've had quite the crowd to my page the past week so I'm excited. I've been looking into selling my photos online and am trying to find the best place for it. Exp

osure is everything and of course I don't want to get ripped off, if they happen to sell well. Therefore I want to pick the place carefully. I have had requests for callendars and wallpaper etc. This one place I've been checking out sells t-shirts and shower drapes with your photo on it. FIne and all but how many people buy shower curtains? And with a photo on it? I don't know. It's a weird world.

That's why this post also goes out to the people of France and Paris. Last nights terror attack is sickening. I just can't stand people like that. If they don't like our way of living, then just don't come here. If I don't like liver, I don't go to the store and blow the place up for selling liver. How feeble minded of them! And I don't care what religion these people are, muslims or christians or whatevers... Stupid is stupid, period!

Long live peace and freedom of speech!


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