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Photo shoot with ex model Cia Wigström

Little did I know that I this past weekend would meet with a former photo model for a fashion shoot. Sort of. She was showing off her new outfit given to her by Vera's Garderob as she was the winner of the Make-over contest from earlier this year.

As you know I mainly do cars and I know the angles and light and whatevers to shoot from.

It's almost the same with a person but not quite. There is so much more to consider. The person moves deliberately or not. The hair flies in the face... the clothes move, the hand is in the wrong place. The background has to be perfect etc.

But after about an hour we said Thank you and good bye and I went home with almost 300 photos.

I had to scrap at least 50 immediately for the above reasons, blur, wrong light, she moved etc.

But the rest turned out fairly good and I right away found a few favorites of mine. Here's one.

So I'm rounding off my business for this year. Got so many other things going on that it's good my business is seasonal. Next up is more vocal recordings with Espinoza Project. We're releasing a single in a bit, according to Mr. E himself. We're shooting a video as soon as everything is set with the single.

We have a new manager in Charlotte Marone, wife of guitarist Pete Maroni who recently joined the band. So things are happening and I look forward to next year.

So that's it for now. Tadaaa

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