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Second time around

So it's two times in a row now. I could get used to it - having one of my photos on the front page of a magazine. Really! :-)

Change of topic

So yesterday I was invited to Malmöfestivalen as a VIP together with Peter Espinoza, as I am one of the singers in his project. Just to show myself, sign a few photos, play our tracks for the record company that is considering signing us this fall etc. And also meet him in person for a change. Mr. Espinoza.

He would hook me up with his friends twho also are involved one way or another. Rimbert Vahlsröm from Syron Vanes, Michael J Strandh drummer of Dirty Passion etc.

However work is limiting my chances of going profusely. :-( Not my photo/reporter job, my work at the elder care in town. Slim chances of getting my working wekend off now as half the staff is on vacation. Still keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Gotta run. Tadaaa

It's the top photo again...

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