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I made the front cover!!!

Exactly one year after I was first published in Power Magazine, I finally got a front cover photo. By finally I mean WOW. That's fantastic! (Even if it's "just" a teaser photo but I'm on the front cover, I'm on the front cover... ;-) (The oldsmobile photo in the top corner.)

New Projects

So Midsummer Roll-in was a success. I met with the guys last night ( my co-organisers) and had a cheerful chat about the whole event. We only had a few minor glitches so I guess there will be a round two next year. Got raving reviews for my event poster. I'm excited about that so I already have ideas for a new one.

But until then, I'm not sitting on my hands. I'm already working on the next project, which I had to put on hold for the car show - The Espinoza Project. Mr Espinoza sent me a song earlier this spring and I never got to finish the lyrics but now I'm done so any day now, I will start recording the vocals to a song called War crime.

I also hope to hear back from Enterprise regarding a job...


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