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Midsummer Roll-In 2015 = Success

What a week it has been. I can't tell you how excited I am about the outcome of Midsummer Roll-In that took place yesterday. The field was full of vehicles and people and not to mention the weather that was absolutely perfect. Who would have known? After all, it's Swedish midsummer.

Anyways... We had a blast organising this event. Everything went smooth. A few small glitches that was an easy fix but what a success!!!

The band was awesome, our celebrity special guests pleased the crowd, the market, the kids playground, the food, the People's Choice award ceremony - it was all fantastic!!!

Next year, when we have had 12 months to plan instead of two, you can bet it will be the place to be.

Two radio stations came and the news paper covered the day. What can I say?

My brain is still spinning with thoughts and impressions. I hope it will calm down soon. I need the rest.

Any who... Here's a photo I took yesterday that will have to symbolize the whole shebang.


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