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And it's over with...

Today is officially my last day as editor and layout:er of Firebird Magazine. The laptop is closed down for the last time and packed up and ready to be shipped off to my predecessor. Left is the LaRegina Creation laptop and my gumball machine. With a sense of relief and "grief" (sadness) I look back and I see how much I have learned and grown. I went from nobody to educated reporter and now published in two of Sweden's largest car magazines. What a ride it's been and it ain't over. It's just taken a new direction. In less than two weeks my first car show, that I'm organizing, is taking place and in about a month, I will have a new job. Life moves in mysterious ways so I just embrace it and tag along. I have nowhere to hide so why not go with it. There's always something exciting around the corner. Something new to learn from, good or bad. If it doesn't kill you, you have a new view of life and new knowledge. Just embrace it.


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