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How people relate to an image

It's a strange feeling that in one place be almost famous, like on Youpic. I went from nobody to somebody in just a few months. Now people look up to me there. (And the rest of the world knows nothing about it.) Regardless, my car photos brought me to the top but as soon as I post a landscape photo now - KAHBANG - I double the views and likes and repics.

I sense it has got something to do with relation. People can relate to a quiet lake a spring morning when the mist is rising, no matter where they are from. Even though most people have some sort of relation to cars, like going to work or school or church or whatever people use a car for, it still takes a special person to appreciate the work of art an old classic brings to the table. Hence less views and likes - BUT I have transformed plenty neighsayers during my months on the site and I'm pleased to say so. I still get thousands of views and likes on the classics but a sunset over water still hits more people's soft spot. And I can deal with it. It's still my photos they like.

So if you appreciate my "vehicles", your are most likely to enjoy this shot I took this morning outside my house, down by the lake. Green and blue as Sweden can be.


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