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Planning stage

So I'm arranging a car/vehicle show June 20th together with Bollekollen, a bunch of cool guys.

How are we doing? Just super. Sounds like tons of people are attending one way or another. We had our mugs in the newspaper and also a radio broadcast - which was unexpected but very welcome.

Only on facebook over a hundred people announced their attendance so far. The rumour says WAY more. Boy, I am anxious and so excited at the same time. Can't wait!

Sunday we're meassuring the parking lot, figuring how to squeeze in the most cars and Saturday we're hunting down more market people to sell at our venue. I'm also going to photograph the start of Twenty One Run in Töllsjö, a classic car rally that I attended last year but I don't have time this time.

My company LaRegina Creation is sponsoring the Patina-award so I'm making myself a big banner to flag with at the car show. Think I'm gonna go with the "business card-look". I'm working on a few different ideas. I'll post a sample later.

Over to Youpic

Every now and then I receive a comment or message saying "my husband and I are enjoying your classic car photos so much. We view them together" etc. It's not just once or twice it happens but every time it makes me happy. I'm glad my classic car photos bring so much joy and memories. It means a lot to hear it from my followers. Now I have over 1.4 million views. I'm going for 1.5 before the car show.


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