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Fail = Success

So I'm going to use a photo from my latest shoot as an example.

Speed photos from the side of the road. Here I wasn't going for the blur effect as I'm very close to the road but a low point angle of the car passing. I got my shot but I like how this one turned out, even though it's a "fail".

This photo is not considered useable due to it being blurry and clear and obviously the whole car isn't in it. However the light is awesome and you can see and almost feel the movement in this shot. The angle, the light, the shape of the car = a pretty cool shot after all.

So this photo is from a sequense of photos, the last frame as the car is passing me.

A random lucky "fail". The others will be published in a magazine this summer.

Weekend chores

I'm feeling a bit out of my mind. I'm tired, had a stomach ache the past week but I still got a few things done. Been updating my website. Updated Borås Rhinos' Official website, cleaned the house, worked on my Firebird. (Got the crooked exhaust pipe taken care of) etc.

Can't wait for next weekend and Vårmönstringen in Borås. The first car show of the year and then Sunday, the first Rhinos game and I'm there as their sponsor. I like that.

Well, I think I'm going to go outside and enjoy the last minutes of today's sunlight. It's getting slightly warmer as the days go by. I can't wait for summer.


Oh for cripe's sakes, I forgot... 1 million 300 thousand views on youpic today. ;-)

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