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Things are happening...

So spring brings new things... My business is rolling. Been on two photo shoots = two interviews already and three more coming up. I have one shoot at a drag race later in May and it's been years since I attended one last. It will be so much fun!

Also, I was approached by an old acquaintance yesterday. He asked if I'm interested in helping him and his friends organize a car show. They just bought this huge piece of land last year and want ideas how to profit from it so they can keep the legendary Bollekollen ski slope open next winter.

I said "Car show". And he said: Yes, that's it!

So June 20th is the preliminary date for the first Bollebygd Car Show!

We're planning a swapmeet, exhibitions, hamburger stands and lots more. It will be a blast!

5 000 followers on

That's the other happening yesterday. Less than four months (by three days) and I hope most of them follow me because they like my work and not for some other reason.

Anyways, change of topic. My website!

I have been asked to make it more clear that I photograph things other than just cars and motors too. I want to clarify that it's true and I'm working on it. My time is limited but it's on the agenda.

I do portraits and pets and for my own enjoyment, I like early mornings by a misty lake in sunrise. I guess you could call it landscape. And I also like thunderstorms and tornados - but we don't have the latter so much in Sweden. Maybe on my next trip to Minnesota I can spot one.

So, I will be posting samples of my other photography too. Just be patient, aight?!

It's that time again... Be good, be well!


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