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Three months and 1 million views

I haven't posted in a while. My life feels up side down at times and I'm trying to orient myself back on my feet. A lot of things going on to say the least.

First of all, three days short of three months my counter on Youpic turned 1 million views.

I have nearly 4,500 followers and after posting a few of my car pics in a Classic car group on Facebook, I was contacted by an artist whom suggested we'd do an art exhibition together at some point. Hard to say no to that idea. We'll see what happens. But it also gave my my own ideas of planning a local exhibition at the library gallery in town. Mom added yet another suggestion so who knows what will follow. But I also am competing for the job as photographer for the Borås Rhinos new team photo. Keep your fingers crossed. I would love to get the gig.

And, again, in May I will star as the photographer and judge in a make over contest. I really look forward to it. That's really exciting.

But it ain't over there... Espinoza Project is *this* close to signing a record deal with a world wide promoter. We just have to work out a few details and it could become reality. Or just another shattered dream. A music video is due for Spreading the disease and the a lot of vocal recording. I'm gonna sing duet with Rimbert Vahlström of Syron Vanes whom also is a known drag racer. How awesome isn't that!!! I tell ya... Better put on my A-game for real.

Tomorrow, four hours of work and then an hour of work out. It's about time I get started with that again. All my illnesses this winter has taken a toll on me, unfortunately but I'll kick back!


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