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Spring fever

So the sun has come out and blessed our beautiful country with spring fever. Every morning the birds tweet their little hearts out and myself get a happy feeling in the gut.

I can't wait for the car shows. I can't wait to get my stories out in the magazines. I can't wait for summer, Borås Rhinos games and the up coming trip to the Americas... USA.

But I also received good news this morning from my friend Peter Espinoza. Looks like I'll be singing in yet another movie. Hooray!!! This time just the chorus but I can deal with that. :-)

It's a quick job so I'll probably be at it this weekend.

As far as my business is going... I'm looking for new cars to write about. Restorations and of course they have to be classic cars, preferably American but also unusual European will do. So if you know anybody, let me know.

And to top this message off... Last night I hit 4 000 followers on youpic. I rank 47th total and of course I'm still number one on the vehicle chart. Not too bad for a newbie. I now look forward to hit 1 000 000 views and it's coming up very soon. I'm very excited and hope I can turn this success into something good. I have the ideas but not always the time. I will do my best. That's all I can do.

Back to my carburetor rebuild. It's for the new motor in the Trans Am in Minnesota. The one that will take me to California this fall and I can't wait. :-)


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