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Hit me 500 000

Well, it happened over night... The big 500 000. What, you wonder? The 500 000th viewer of my car photos on youpic. It's been just about exactly one month and one week today so it's an incredible achievement.

Now ranking 129th on youpic and I have found another site that I have started posting pictures at. Go ahead and check it out. It's a sort of photo contest as well as photo inspiration page, kind of like youpic but here professional photographers give you first hand reviews and comments to help you learn the trade. Well, that's the idea. I haven't received one comment yet but it's early days. I'm sort of waiting for the car photo contest to start. I think I have a fair chance there.

Well, back to my photos and photoshop. IF nobody else is doing your work for you, you have to do it yourself. Have a lovely weekend and THANK YOU to all my car photo fans.


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