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The Editor in da house or How to run a virtual editorial


Today I write in the capacity of an editor.

After a few weeks off over the holidays, it was time to dust off the "old mold" and start up Firebird Magazine #1 2015, to be published in March this year.

Technically, I have stepped down as the editor and will continue as the layout-chick. Loved being the editor and I have worked on the post for three years but nowadays I have too much else going on and it's very time consuming - But educational. Don't forget all the free learning that comes with the job. It's been the best and I will carry it with me forever. Or until I get demented and forget where I placed my own head. It could happen.

I have run a virtual editorial with a varying amount of colleagues but we're fairly steady around the amount of five. We do ninty nine percent of the communication on line; mailing, chatting, PM:ing and a few times a year - phonecalls. Believe me, it works great. A magazine does NOT need a physical office nor physical contact. If you have trusted people to work for you, the material will be delivered on time and the magazine shipped to the readers on schedule.

It has worked every time. But we are all dedicated people of the topic - Pontiac Firebirds. It helps.

Well, I'm rounding off now. It just started snowing outside my window. Light, feathery flakes. I easilly get side tracked. Ha ha


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