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Compliments from fellow photographers and visitors of my pages:


I am in LOVE with your work.

- Albert Azzopardi, Malta

You have a unique eye, and are a great photographer. 
- Bryan Bailey, Photographer USA

Uncrowned queen of car photography!

- Carl Hult, Photo Enthusiast, Sweden


You are fast becoming a favourite of mine.

- Saami Powell, United Kingdom


Your gallery is incredible! One of a kind!

- Fernando Duval, Photographer, USA


Delightful, Linda!

(Regarding photo collection from Elmia 2014)

- Billy Severin, Editor of Power Magz.

Love your work!! Your motor vehicle images are awesome!! 
- Stuart Skene, Underwater Photographer, South Africa


You are a true professional photographer. 
- Karen from India


The queen of oldtimers 

- Wladimir Neumann, Pet photographer, Germany


I'm not really a car kinda guy but your pictures really make me take notice.

 - Jeff Hunking, Canada


As usual Linda your artistic expression make the shots unique!

- Lee Campbell, Canada

wix semester.jpg

And then some more...

Seeing your work makes me feel so
inferior with Photography. You are an
excellent photographer.

- Jacques Chabot, USA

Fantastic images! 
- Stig Sjöberg, Founder and Chief Editor of Nostalgia, Bilsport etc.

Your photographic style is very thoughtful.

- Larry, unknown location


Such an imagination and talent!

- Terry, USA


This is what happens when patience meets skill!

- Nicole, Canada


Absolutely love all your work and style, Linda!

- Terry-Ann, Artist, Australia

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